Project: Đạp khỏe sống chất

Client: Xedap.vn

Industry: Sport

Scope: Integrated Digital Marketing

Although there are many stores nationwide, Xedap.vn has not yet firmly established itself in the minds of consumers as the first bicycle and electric bike hypermarket for Vietnamese families. Flamingo implements offline and online activities to help Xedap.vn gain the position.

Jobs Done

Social Management
Community Web Blog management
Event Management
Influencer Marketing
PR Management
Advertising management
Concept Development & Key Visual Design


✓ "Đạp khỏe, sống chất" community has attracted more than 13,000 members in just 3 months.
✓ The total views have reached over 30,000,000.
✓ The total impressions have reached over 31,000,000.
✓ The total engagement has reached over 1,000,000.