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We help brands increase their impact on audiences and the ability to get more leads and sales by the right & creative strategy


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We know that the effectiveness is thing you care about mostly. So that, at Flamingo, trying to sell our services is not number 1 priority. We want to be your partner!Flamingo
Here the things we can help you:

We will help you to find the best solutions that can adapt your business the most from strategy to idea and how to execute the campaign. Just send us your requirment, and leave the rest for us.

You have specific objectives or ideas, and want to find a partner to plan for your campaign or even to execute the plan for you, you’re right in place. Send us your requirement now!

You have a plan, but don’t have people in-house to handle the execution or simple that you just want to manage the results and leave the work for partners. Oh, We’re good at this. Let’s connect!
Who We Are
About Us

We are young individuals, full of energy, enthusiasm & passion at work. At Flamingo, People, Knowledge and Creativity are 3 key factors that lead us to the success as well as the values we bring to you.
At Flamingo, we may differ in our place of birth, our accent, our habits, but they are responsible people at work. This is a prerequisite factor in our culture.
Always learning, updating knowledge is an important part of our culture. That’s why we have the ability to adapt & learn very quickly new knowledge. This is what helps us to accompany you on the market.
This is always an essential requirement in every our idea, our plan when we send to customers.
Our Expertise

AI Brand Ambassador

Building AI Brand Ambassador

We Create Unforgettable AI Brand Ambassadors: Tailoring digital personas that resonate with your brand's core, ensuring a unique and risk-free representation in the digital world.

booking kol

Booking KOL/ KOC & Mangement

We specialize in pairing your brand with the perfect KOLs and KOCs, crafting targeted campaigns that speak directly to your audience

Digital Marketing

Consulting & Implementing Digital Marketing services to promote your brand and products to the right consumers with the right strategy.

Performance Advertising

Our approach focuses on maximizing business impact and marketing reach, ensuring your ads not only capture attention but drive real results

Flamingo's social media marketing service

Social Media Marketing

Elevates your social media game by crafting and executing standout content strategies that captivate and engage. Our Social Media Marketing service ensures your brand shines across platforms, driving meaningful interactions and elevating your online presence

Pr Communication

Consulting & Developing strategic PR plans with curated message & interesting stories of brands to attract and inspire the audiences through the enhanced media mix.

Our Approach

Define problem

Before starting a project, we will clarify the issues that you are facing to know what we need to focus on to find out the best soltions for you.

Research & Analysis

We will make a deep research and analysis to make sure we understand your industry, your customers and competitors.

Idea Brainstorm

From the insights of the research, we will produce many ideas and choose the best one to solve your issue.


We will develop a strategy and action plan with a clearly roadmap that will help achieve your branding & marketing goals.

Our Clients
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