Project: Bocalex Multi - Reduce fatigue and lethargy

Client: Bocalex

Industry: Health

Scope: Integrated Digital Marketing

Despite being ranked second in the top 10 best-selling effervescent products, Bocalex is not yet widely popular in the South. Also, customers tend to choose other products like sugary tea or energy drinks for energy supplementation, rather than multivitamins effervescent. Flamingo helps Bocalex target new and niche target audiences to win over competitors.

Jobs Done

Social media management
Online minigame organization
Creative content
Website management


✓ The keyword “Bocalex” rises to compete head-to-head with the leading rival, Plusssz.
✓ Gain over 16K followers on the fanpage with more than 10 million impressions, where each post averages 1K interactions.
✓ The website's minigames attract over 2,000 participants and interactions.