How did Bocalex rise to compete with top industry rivals?


Bocalex, a pharmaceutical brand of Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Company, is renowned for its multivitamins effervescent, Bocalex Multi. It contains various essential vitamins to supplement the body, enhance immunity, improve physical condition, and aid in health recovery. Bocalex Multi is suitable for all ages, particularly beneficial for children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.


Low product recognition and brand awareness: Despite being ranked second in the top 10 best-selling effervescent products, Bocalex is not yet widely popular in the South – a major potential market. Subsequently, in purchasing points, consumers remember and actively purchase competitors like Berocca, Plusssz, and Upsa – C rather than Bocalex.

Infrequent product usage: Consumers tend to choose other products like sugary tea or energy drinks for energy supplementation, rather than multivitamins effervescent. Subsequently, customers only use the product when they have alarming health symptoms or signs. 


  • Enhance brand awareness and product recognition
  • Generate user interest in the product, thereby creating demand and desire for usage
  • Increase interactions between consumers and the brand, thereby building loyalty


Contrary to the broad targeting approach of its competitors, Flamingo identifies a potential niche customer group: regular outdoor workers. Due to their working situation, they often lose nutrients and are prone to fatigue and lethargy. Meanwhile, the aforementioned substitute products are insufficient to replenish the nutrients needed for their workday. About their behavior, they particularly follow fanpages that frequently organize minigames to receive gifts and promotions from brands.


In line with these insights and target audience’s behaviors, Flamingo launch the message “Bocalex Multi – Reduce fatigue and lethargy” along with a series of minigames and sampling activities, directly targeting the rational needs of customers.


A series of knowledgeable and interactive content

With a new message from the brand, providing useful information around aspects of consumer life helps the message to be more warmly received. Flamingo exploits issues commonly faced by outdoor workers, thereby suggesting ways to maintain energy throughout the day. As a result, the functions and benefits of products can easily approach consumers.

Online and offline activities to spread brand’s awareness across social media and purchasing points

Offline activity “Try a sample – Snap a picture – Win a gift” and sampling at key markets in the South regions encourage direct product experience and broaden product visibility at sales points

Minigame “Try a sample - Snap a picture - Win a gift”

Minigame “Try a sample – Snap a picture – Win a gift”

Sampling activities in key markets of South region

Sampling activities in key markets of South region

Online minigames focusing on Bocalex and its products, encouraging user interaction and reinforcing brand knowledge

Weekly minigame activities

Weekly minigame activities

Website Development for Bocalex

Write over 50 articles on the “Vitamins & Life” section on the Bocalex website

Section “Vitamin & Life” on Bocalex website

Section “Vitamin & Life” on Bocalex website

Organize various webgames on the Bocalex website



The “Bocalex Multi – Reduce fatigue and lethargy” campaign achieves significant accomplishments:

  • Notably, on Google, the keyword “Bocalex” rises to compete head-to-head with the leading rival, Plusssz.
  • Gain over 16K followers on the fanpage with more than 10 million impressions, where each post averages 1K interactions
  • The website’s minigames attract over 2,000 participants and interactions. 
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